Newborn screening laboratory cards

Intersystem GmbH is the sales partner for customized newborn screening laboratory cards, which are manufactured by a highly specialized producer.

The blood collection papers for neonatal screening laboratory cards are produced in conformity with the applicable requirements of the standard CLSI NBS01A6 (Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute, Blood Collection on Filter Paper for Newborn Screening Programs, 6th Edition).

In Europe they are placed in the market as „CE“ certified medical devices for in vitro diagnostic purposes according to IVDR 2017/746.

The laboratory cards for newborn screening offer an individual design for each specific purpose and therefore a wide range of possibilities to meet your individual requirements.

The cards are classified according to GIVD 51 01 (Global In-Vitro-Diagnostic Classification) as a sample collection container (container) for human dry blood and sera. Similar to forms, they are offered as pre-prints. The laboratory cards usually consist of a combination of medical filter paper printed with target circles for sample collection and storage as well as an area made of white plain paper, which is intended for demographic information about the newborn (so-called combination card, see below).

The advantage of these cards at a glance:

  • simple sample storage
  • safe sample allocation and transportation
  • no cooling of the samples necessary during storage and transportation.

Filter-Cards (Type I)

Written notes on medical filter paper are not desirable due to the migration of the ballpoint pen ink, since the legibility of the written information cannot be guaranteed permanently and the material to be tested can be considerably contaminated.

  • Type I/a: medical filter paper with printing (FS/BS)
  • Type I/b: medical filter paper with print (FS/BS) and serial number
  • Type I/c: medical filter paper with printing (FS/BS) and circular die-cut

Combinated-Card (Type II)

The combinated-card consists of the sample area of ​​the medical filter paper and a part of the form attached by means of an adhesive connection, which in high-contrast OCR writing and OCR color (optical character recognition) in e.g. black and / or red can be printed.

  • Type II/a: medical filter paper with printing (FS/BS) combined with preprint normal paper gluing on the edge, optional continuous serial numbering (SN)
  • Type II/b: medical filter paper with printing (FS/BS) combined with preprint normal paper glued in the middle, optional protective flap
  • Type II/c: analogous to Type II a with barcode
  • Type II/d: analogous to Type II a with barcode

The multi-part combinated-cards can also contain many helpful features:

  • barcodes
  • sandwich labels, optional with SN and barcodes
  • multi-page form sets with integrated copy function
  • additional colors on the front and back for displaying logos and CI colors
  • additional perforations
  • glassine paper cover sheets to minimize contamination.

The combinated-cards can offer you many advantages:

  • logistical support through a printed barcode system
  • multi-color printing for more design freedom and recognition value
  • user-friendly form design (demographic part)
  • easy data transfer thanks to OCR-compatible design.